Now You Can Use Behavioral Triggers to Get More Consultations

From the Desk of David J. Galindo

As a service business (roofer, chiropractor, attorney, realtor, etc.) your sales process involves getting people in for a consultation right?

And as you already know the more consultations you have with interested prospects the more you sell.

Now I don't need to tell you the marketplace is changing at a rapid pace… especially with all the new age social media stuff going around.

The competition is as fierce as ever. It seems like everyone is coming out of the woodworks getting your customers attention and claiming they are experts in your field.

From my experience in helping local service businesses, the answer is having an automated traffic and conversion system in place that consistently and predictably funnels leads into consultations.

Here's What We Discuss in the Video...

The goal of this video was to give you an overview of one campaign we have installed into one of our clients business.

I’m going to show you how we take people from Facebook and get them into a web of conversion-focused campaigns that adds goodwill but also makes several offers to schedule a consultation.

We aren’t just bombarding our leads with offer after offer. And the cool part of this is how we use our leads behavior to dictate what marketing messages they get.

Check it out and let me know what you think…

And if you're interested in seeing how we can help you install a conversion system like this follow here: Request a Blueprint Session


  • March 6, 2019

Dave Galindo

David Galindo is a strategic marketing advisor to local business owners. In 2014 David branched out on his own business venture. After a few years of being known as the local SEO guy and just starting to get his feet wet at being self-employed, he founded VisionsROI in 2016. He has a "vision" to help get local businesses "predictable" profit with their marketing efforts by combining a direct response marketing strategy and behavioral automation. David runs a small tech team that loves what they do and focus on delivering massive results for clients.