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SEO For Your Local Business

Many Bakersfield business owners ask how can your Bakersfield SEO Agency help my business thrive? And we love to provide them with this scenario. If your ideal customer was taking the time out of their day to search for your type service or product you offer and your website happened to be right in front of their eyes, would you feel that this can be valuable to customer acquisition? I’m almost certain you would say YES!

This is exactly how optimizing your website for Bakersfield search terms can bring profit. To illustrate our point we will be using a plumbing business for the purposes of explaining how SEO can work for your business. With this in mind let’s say you own a plumbing business in the Kern County area and Mrs. Lopez is having a problem with her water pressure. Mrs. Lopez does not know any friends or family that are plumbers or have knowledge of trustworthy plumbers in Bakersfield. What does she do now? Well, she heads right to her new iPad and typed in the Google search bar, “best plumbers in Bakersfield.” Sound familiar?

Of course, it does we all have been there and done that. Immediately Mrs. Lopez begins to look at websites and happens to see your site. You have an attractive website that displays your experience and background. Mrs. Lopez loves what she sees and fills out your contact forms plus calls your business phone number. Now you have a hot lead and all you have to do is close the deal.

What a lot of business in the Bakersfield area fail to see or understand is how many people actually are searching for their type of business on a monthly basis. This comes from a lack of knowledge which we are glad to research for you. This is why we are passionate about local SEO. I have personally helped businesses grow through our search marketing efforts alone. If you’re curious about how all this works I am explaining everything below. Let’s do this.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

First and foremost let’s discuss what SEO (search engine optimization) is all about. For the people who already have a basic idea of how SEO works you can simply skip this part and check out the Visions SEO process. For the business person who is brand new to this and has an acute curiosity, we will break down the absolute basis for you.

SEO is an online marketing tactic many businesses and entrepreneur use to drive relevant traffic to their websites. Whether you run an e-commerce store, sell real estate, or own a restaurant in your local town SEO can help bring customers through the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
By definition, SEO is an internet marketing practice that concentrates on growing your presence through the organic search engine results. When we mention organic that is referring to the free listings you see on Google and not the paid advertisements. If we’re talking about a local search like we discussed up at the top of this article Google will display three areas:

1. Google Advertisements
2. Local 3 Pack
3. Organic search results

When we work with a local business our goal for them is to position their website in the local 3 pack and the organic search engine results for popular search terms their customs inquire about on Google, Yahoo, and Bing on a regular basis. Obviously, the more the competitive the niche the more searches are going to be conducted.

Why Would I Dedicate A Marketing Budget To SEO?

A business website can be a very valuable asset to you. Think of it as owning a piece of the digital real estate. Now if you own a piece of a physical real estate in a prime location like the Pacific coast would you agree that is a valuable asset? Of course, you would. This is exactly what we do for your business website but instead of being located on the Pacific coast we position your website on major search engines where buyers are present on a regular basis.

The bulk of the web traffic in the world comes from the major commercial search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google takes up a very large percentage of this traffic so we put forth our efforts into understanding Google’s platform. Nine times out of ten if your website is showing up for popular search terms on Google you will also be showing up on the other search results page as well.

That being said the beauty of owning these profitable positions is that your customers will literally take the time out of their day to search for your exact services. If you’re not showing up for these key terms then guess what? Your direct competitors are. Which means they are reaping the benefits of this search traffic. And yes it’s good to be present on social media platforms like Facebook which we encourage but it has been proven that search engines take up the majority of the searches. A lot of people will even use search engines to navigate to their favorite social media websites making them the even that more lucrative.

As you already know as a business owner there is always resistance when it comes to convincing a prospect to hire you. One objection we get about our services is about the return on investment they will receive. I have personally seen companies spend thousands of dollars on advertisements or outbound marketing tactics only to see little or zero profit. When you come to the #1 Bakersfield SEO Agency we give you a fair price at an unbeatable ROI.

Do I Need To Hire An SEO Expert In Bakersfield?

SEO can be very confusing and time-consuming. I have dedicated my career to learning and trying to understand these complex search engine algorithms. Additionally, I have invested thousands of dollars in hiring top mentors to help me further my knowledge. That said if you feel you are willing to do the same and devote your efforts to learning SEO, by all means, go after it.

What you have to ask yourself is how much do you value your time. Yes, you can go out and gain the experience necessary to optimize your website but as we all know time is money. If you factor in the time and money it will take you to learn the SEO craft I’m confident it will be more cost effective to outsource this to an SEO professional like myself.

What Do I Get When Hiring You?

Our process involves an operating procedure that depends on your type of business needs. I’m sure we can agree that every company is unique but ultimately has the same end goal which Is increase revenue consistently throughout the years. Your business may benefit from a local lead generation or if you run an e-commerce store you would want to show up for every search term that is relevant to your product.

For this reason, I personally take the time to get to know your business so we can tailor your campaign so that we can target your customers. To cite an example of our procedure we laid it out in separate phases so you can comprehend what you are actually paying us for.

Keyword Research

After we have to take the time to discuss your business and we are aware of the type of person you want to attract we will start to get our hands dirty. one of the most important activities we can do for your business is what we call keyword research which we explained briefly above when using the plumbers as an example.

Keyword research involves discovering search terms that your customers are using to find the products or services you provide. Our goal for our clients is to be right in front of the buyer when they are searching. We will determine optimal keywords that bring buyer traffic to your website. The focus will be to uncover keywords that are receiving heavy traffic and are relevant to your business.

This activity is completed by using special software that was designed to help us with keywords research. We also utilize commercially available tools like the Google Keyword Planner to assist us as well.

Competitor Analysis

Other business websites that are directly related to your industry are already showing up for the important keywords that bring significant traffic. That being said we will analyze what these other businesses are doing well and also find vulnerabilities we can exploit to try and gain a better position for these keywords. We will inspect the power of the competitor domains so we can determine the difficulty of ranking for these search terms. Approaching the competitor link sources and trying to obtain the same type of inbound link will benefit your campaign as well.

Website Structure Or Develop New Website

If you already have a website we will go in and perform an audit to make sure we have a solid foundation to work on. You wouldn’t build a new home on a weak structure, would you? Absolutely not, you would make sure your foundation was inspected by a professional and passed a rigorous test so you feel safe while building.

The same principle applies to your business website we want to be absolutely sure the code and other elements are going to be safe to build on. Here are a few things we inspect if you currently have a website:

1. Search engine visibility
2. Proper code structure
3. Platform your website is built on
4. Analyze “call to action” and “buyer funnels”

Backlinks & Social Signals

One of the most important ranking factors nowadays is the quality of backlinks and how many people are engaging with your website.
Developing a backlink strategy for your website is a very important and ongoing activity we do. This will make your website powerful and popular with the search engines. Making it easier to show up for important search terms we researched earlier in the campaign.

Ongoing Management

An SEO campaign built for the Bakersfield CA area is treated like a marathon and not a sprint. Scaling slowly and consistently is the key to success. If you ever do come across a so-called SEO expert and they are telling you they will “rank your site fast” you should about face and run the other way.
That may have been the case five years ago but Google has become very good at detecting spammers who manipulate their robots with unethical SEO practices. We must establish this understanding right off the bat. That being said as we scale slowly we will be monitoring everything from ranking positions to analyzing your website traffic. We want to understand where your users are coming from so we can double our efforts in that direction.


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