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Get The Experts To Develop A Real Marketing Strategy For Your Local Service Business 

From The Desk Of David JamesBakersfield, Ca.

Dear local service business owner,

If you only ever do one thing for your business, this should be it…“… once it’s set up it will be an asset to your business that you can continue to expand and compound the value for years to come ….Imagine having an automated system in place that helps grow your local service business without all of the outbound sales tactics that our grandfather’s sales teams were doing like cold calling, cold prospecting, door knocking, etc…

An automated system that converts leads into sales predictably, consistently and profitably is the Holy Grail of Local Marketing.

However, there’s a problem.

These types of systems are incredibly complex to build.Now if you’re like most of our clients when they start off with us — the main source of your business comes from referrals … and that’s impressive because it means you’re an expert in your field and hold your service to the highest standard….And referrals are the cornerstone to any successful company. But if your goal is to scale and increase annual revenue… it’s going to be very difficult to do such a thing by relying solely on referrals… because if your entire business is based on referrals and word of mouth it’s just like building a table with one leg … As soon as you apply pressure it’s going to collapse.

The reason for this is because your being reactive to what’s coming into your business instead of “proactive”, and when you’re “proactive” … you get predictability. 

But if you’re honest with yourself, you probably don’t have a “predictable” system in place to turn cold traffic into interested prospects, prospects into leads, and convert those leads into paying customers.Now I’m sure you have a goal in mind of what you want your business to transform into — and that may be increasing annual revenue to $500K or even 7 figures.

However, the question I have for you today is… not what your goal is, but rather what type of marketing and conversions strategy do you have in place to reach your goal?And even more importantly… do you even have a one?Because a goal without a strategy… well let’s face it, is like, building “castles in the sky”.

But if you do have a marketing and conversion strategy…

Does this strategy revolve around developing a system that allows you to get more interested prospects, turn them into leads, and convert those leads into customers predictably? And is this strategy documented, measurable, and ready to deploy?

…Or is this strategy still an idea and lingering in your mind?

Either way…

We would like to review your business and give you a customized marketing blueprint, for FREE.

So why would I be offering this?First of all, I get a ton of value by strategizing marketing and sales with like-minded entrepreneurs. This helps me to gain more insight into the local business sector and empowers me to serve the market even better.Second, it’s how I go out and get clients.And I know a certain percentage of business owners or marketing managers that I do this for will want me and my team to build their systems for them. But instead of cold calling you or rudely interrupting your day by walking into your office and handing you my business card… I’d rather give you an hour of my time and demonstrate I can actually help your business upfront for free.

Our entire focus will be to deliver the best custom automated marketing blueprint, for free, and let the experience speak for itself.

Here’s How We’ll Go About This.

Over the next couple months, I made a commitment to set aside some time to personally review your business, your offers, current marketing campaigns and sales process. Basically, we want to get an idea of what it takes for a person to become a customer.

Then, we’ll work discover your revenue goals and where you want to take your business in the next 6 – 12 months…After our strategy session together we will get right to work and design a custom marketing “blueprint” of a series of integrated campaigns for your business for free.And I’m going to tell you something that most of these “so-called” niche marketers won’t. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all marketing and sales funnel.You may have been told by these “niche marketers” that they can get you results because they have worked with other business in your industry. And this never made sense to me. Because you have your own unique message, your own unique customer you want to attract and your own way of selling.So anybody that tells you that “their strategy is going to get you big results” because they have worked in your industry — without taking the time to really understand exactly how your business works is either just trying to make a sale or blindly naive.

And That’s Why We’re Going To Take The Time To Review Your Business And Give You A Custom Blueprint, For Free.

And I believe that once we do this for you, one of these three things will happen:1. The first possibility is you love the blueprint, you immediately see the power and the potential it has for your business, and you decide you want you and your team to build the system yourselves.If that’s the case, great! I’ll offer my advice on how to go about that and hopefully continue to offer each other advice. Again, I learn a lot from these strategy sessions as well. Yes, I’m an expert in my field but I’m also about learning new things from fellow entrepreneurs. 2. The second possibility is you love the blueprint and you’ll want my team to actually build out the entire system for you.And if so, we’ll schedule a kickoff meeting and get right to work.

Here’s What Happens When We Decide To Work Together.

Remember the system I was referring to above? Well, this is it. We will be building everything out in Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft. And if you don’t have these yet we’ll set them up for you (and even cover the $299 installation fee.) Don’t worry. These two tools are not expensive at all.

Once that’s all set up we start to construct the custom blueprint we laid out together and install the campaigns that will best fit your business.

And by the way, we do all of this for you. We don’t just tell you how and hand it off and wish you luck… It’s all turnkey.

Here are a few examples of campaigns we can build out that has worked great for local service businesses.

Now you should know you’re not just getting the structure of these campaigns. They each come pre-populated with email swipe files and video scripts so you can create videos that will maximize the power of these campaigns.The first campaign I want to show you is the…

The On-boarding New Customer

This campaign is what we send to all “new” customers that we acquire.As entrapueners we work day in and day out to acquire new customers right? But many businesses don’t have a system in place to keep new customers in the loop of what’s going on with the project or transaction.

This results in repetitive emails, clients calling the office, or worse, your cell phone, asking about tiny details every step of the way. A big pain in the rear right?Well, imagine kicking off a campaign with one click — that sends automated video emails to your client explaining each major step of the process at the appropriate moment.Not only would your customers love you for this because you’re keeping them informed, it sets you apart from the competitors and will free up time to focus on other important task.Most service-based businesses work with customers from a week to even a year. No matter what type of service you provide this campaign is designed to guide your customers through your fulfillment process on autopilot.Next, let’s talk about…

The Automated Video Engagement System

This is one of the most powerful marketing campaign structures we use for local service businesses. You can use it to generate new prospects and turn them into hot leads that are ready for a consultation without all the awkward time consuming follow up calls.…plus you can deploy this campaign on the back end of your marketing to produce referrals from existing customers. (I’ll prescribe exactly how to use it when we give you your blueprint.)To give you a quick example, I helped a roofing contractor deploy this campaign to produce “free quote” leads that got their sales team consultations on a regular basis… all from “cold” Facebook traffic.I helped another client in the real estate industry use this campaign to get homeowners to sign up for a listing consultation… again all from “cold” Facebook traffic.And of course, this campaign works like a charm to sell all types of local services like Chiropractic care, Attorney services, HVAC services, etc..But what’s different about what you’re getting is… this is no ordinary video sequence. So what this campaign does is identifies people who are “on the fence” … meaning they’ve opened your emails, seen your videos, they’ve clicked on your blog post, or even attended your webinars and/or workshops …but still haven’t raised their hand and ask for your help.But it gets even better.You see, the system automatically advances the leads in any particular sequence you want… or it can turn them over to you or a sales team to follow up and close.And it does all of this automatically …based on their behavior within your system.Pretty cool right?Next, you can get…

The Automated Quote Follow Up Sender

This is truly a cutting-edge campaign that I learned from the Bable Team who are experts at Infusionsoft automation.It can be used as a follow-up campaign after a sales presentation of any kind. You know how it goes right? They need to talk to their spouse or whoever to make a final decision.You see, this campaign is designed to not only send our offer multiple times to give us a better chance of closing the deal… but it also allows us to add goodwill so we’re not seeing as a pushy sales person.

What makes this so effective is we developed a way to upload “DocuSign” agreements, using a hyperlink in the emails.

So first we send the email to our leads with the document link with a countdown timer and reminders to access the quote. SMS reminders are also sent.

Now, if our lead opens the quote but doesn’t sign the contract — they will get emails with valuable content of blog post and videos trying to get them to convert. And if the prospect still doesn’t convert, a task is sent to a sales person to follow up and provide feedback of the situation.

And if the lead does convert into a customer… they are automatically dropped into the “on-boarding new customer” campaign we discussed above. This is a highly effective closing tool for local service businesses.And when we talk, we will explain exactly when you should deploy your customized campaigns.These example campaigns are just the tip of the iceberg!Remember when I told you there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all marketing funnel?Well, there’s not.That’s why there’s no way I’d give you these campaigns and send you on your way. For the reason, your business is special and your marketing and sales process should be too.That’s why…

We Combine All These Campaigns with a Long-Term Follow Up “Master Campaign”.

And the messaging is designed specifically for you and your unique local service business.As you may know, not everyone that enters your system will convert into customers. So if they don’t take the action we want in our front end campaign… you’ll have this master automated follow up campaign to get them to re-engage and raise their hand to tell you they’re interested in your services.You know what the experts say… The money is in the follow up. But we don’t want to manually follow up with each and every “maybe” that enters our CRM. That’s why this dynamic long term follow up campaign combines video emails, SMS, and task notifications to your sales team when a prospect engages or replies to our marketing messages.

Converting a lead is all about timing. People buy when they’re ready. Plain and simple. That’s why we use our prospects behavior to dictate when it’s time to make that critical follow up call. And remember, once they do buy, you’ll have an automated back-end fulfillment campaign that takes your customers through an amazing journey so they become raving fans who bring referrals on a regular basis.But it doesn’t stop there…

We Also Build, Install, and Integrate Custom web pages for every campaign we set in motion.

That includes custom opt-in pages, video pages, webinar registration pages, video sales letter pages, tracking codes, and testing systems… everything.But we don’t stop there.We also integrate everything with infusionsoft and perform a 15 point quality assurance check to make sure everything functions properly.All these web pages we set up for you have been used in the “real world” and tested for conversions. When we work together, we’re literally doing 99.5% of the work for you … so all you need to do is create a few videos, tweak the email copy and BOOM! You’re off to the races.And It Keeps Getting BetterOnce we’ve created and installed all your building block campaigns, created your web-pages, integrated everything and performed a QA check for you, it’s time to start getting attention.

That’s why we give you very, very limited clients only “90-day advertising management service” 

This is where we work with you to create ads that drive targeted traffic into your system.

During these 90 days we also:

  • Help you decide which avenue of traffic is best for your biz model.  What’s been working well for you? Have you tried Facebook ads, AdWords, Instagram? Look it’s all about the strategy. These platforms are tools to serve your marketing strategy. We’ll work together to devise a plan that will provide the best ROI possible.
  • Help calculate your KPIs (key performance indicators)Not knowing your numbers before launching an advertising campaign is a sure way to have no idea if you’re profitable. And I see local businesses make this mistake on a regular basis.
  • Run complex online test so you have a benchmark to improve upon.It’s all a big split test. You need to be always tweaking and testing your advertising campaigns for maximum results. Within these 90 days of management we help you get started with optimization.
  • And report everything to you on a weekly basis.                                                        Most of Honestly, my clients don’t know what they want in a report. That’s why we only send reports of data that matters. Straight forward and to the point. 

See, by this time, we’ve already built your marketing and sales system so you won’t need to hassle with all the new age tech stuff that can be a thorn in your side.All that’s left is to drive “targeted traffic” into your system.

And I do all this with you personally.

See, I don’t take on many clients in one month. This is designed to be very small. I built the program this way so I could personally help you get the best results possible.Only a handful of people are allowed so we’re sure to have plenty of time to get you up and running.It’s the next best thing to being a private client (but you don’t have the six-figure bill!) This way you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered every step of the way.Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

Here’s How Much It Cost If We Decide Mutually We Are A Good Fit And You Want Us To Execute Your Free Custom Blueprint

The total cost of everything – the setup of your Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels account, the campaigns built, installed, integrated, and tested for you, plus the 90-day advertising management service cost range from $3,997 to $7,497 depending on how many campaigns you want built and installed.Yes, that is a fair price.I’m choosing to keep it affordable — yet not too low in order to keep the tire kickers away but still allow my business to turn a profit.

I’m confident once you have this working in your business, you’ll continue to want to work with us and be a customer for years to come.

However, you should know that this FREE blueprint session we do together is in no way a sales pitch in disguise nor will you be pressured into working with us.

This truly is a free consultation and strategy session we provide. We don’t appreciate hard nosed sneaky sales people and I’m sure you don’t either. 

If This Sounds Like Something You’re Interested In Here’s What To Do Next…

Schedule a time on my calendar on this the page and from there you will be redirected to a short questionnaire where we will gather more information about your business. This helps us get more prepared for our call and the info helps us to start coming up with blueprint ideas.

This way, we can hit the ground running and make progress immediately. Important! Make sure you fill out the questionnaire on the next page or your session will be automatically canceled. We want to be absolutely sure we can help and don’t want to waste your time.

And here’s what happens when we talk.

You will be talking to me personally and there are a few things we will be doing on the call. We will be using GoToMeeting so you can actually see who you’re talking with unless you’re from my hometown Bakersfield CA and I can meet with you in person. First, we shut up and listen.We find out exactly how your business works and get an idea of what it takes for a person to become a client.From there we talk about your goals, how many leads you will need to get each month, and how we what traffic sources we can tap into and so forth.Basically, we’re getting an idea of where you are and where you want to be.Next, we build you out an actual blueprint to get you there. The way it works is we will devise a marketing and sales process and map it out for you… based on your current business model and goals.And that’s where the blueprint session comes into play.

How To Use Your FREE Blueprint…

There a few ways that you can use your blueprint after we deliver it.One, is you can take the blueprint and build everything else yourself or hire someone else. If that’s the route you decide to take… Great! We are glad we could be of value to your company and offer advice on how to go about building your blueprint.The next and most common scenario is that you decide you want me and my team to execute your blueprint for you.And if that’s the case we’ll get right to work on your campaigns and web pages I mentioned above. Plus work with you for 90 days to craft and launch high-quality advertising with ongoing support …again our fees to put these type of marketing campaigns to work for you range from $3,997 to $7,497 (depending on how many campaigns you want built).In my opinion, this is a small price to pay considering I expect you to earn much more than $7,000 from these campaigns over time… especially if your average order value is north of $1,000.

And remember these campaigns will be working in your business for years to come. Once this system is in place they’re in place for as long as you want to use them.Actually, now that I think about it your FREE blueprint session alone can make your company well over $7,000 if executed properly.

However… This is not for everyone. So Here’s the “catch”

It’s pretty straightforward.

We obviously can’t’ help everyone and I only have so many hours available during the week for blueprint sessions.In the interest of full transparency I will only invest my time and energy delivering this custom marketing blueprint if you meet some standards:And here they are:1) You need to own a real service-based business or be running a marketing division for a real service-based business. Here are examples of the types of businesses we are the best fit for: – Roofing Contractors

 – Real Estate Brokerages (not single agents) – Cosmetic Surgeons – Cosmetic Dentist – Chiropractic Offices – Plumbing Companies – CPA Firms – Software DevelopersEtc…As long as you’re a legitimate business that actually has customers with some forward momentum, I’d be thrilled to do this blueprint session with you.2) You can’t be selling “get rich quick products, adult themes, or any other “questionable” stuff that we refuse to be a part of.Nor will we work with any sales managers that spam or buys customer data with high pressure “phone rooms” to trick people into buying services, products, or even homes you know they can’t afford.

We only work with “clean” businesses that add value to the marketplace.  And that’s it! Those are all my conditions you need to meet.Ready to get started?

Schedule a time below and fill out the short questionnaire on the next page

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