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The Rook Conversion Upgrade Service

Learn how you can get five battle-tested sales conversion campaigns installed into your business.

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.”
- James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

we don't tell you how to install these campaigns or overwhelm you with info...

This is Turn Key

You will get tested systems and marketing campaign structures installed into your business that have been proven to produce profitable revenue for local service providers (plumbers, HVAC, sales agents, dentist, etc...).

The Rook Conversion Upgrade Package

5 Customized Infusionsoft or Active Campaign Systems

(advertising management not included)

here's what you'll gain

retail price

Initial Blueprint & Conversion Strategy Session

  • Marketing & sales funnel blueprints for each campaign


1 Customized Lead & Sales Conversion Funnel Build Out

  • Build & install custom opt-in pages, webinar pages, video sales pages


4 customized Automated Campaigns


Custom Copywriting for Emails & Web Pages

  • Customer research & avatar empathy map


CRM Lead Scoring


CRM Dashboard Organization


Done for Your Custom Integrations & Quality Assurance


Tracking & Reporting Set Up


Full retail price


Now Only... 


Or 2 payments of $999

and we even

Help You To Use Your Campaigns Live & In Person!

After we have built and installed your campaigns, developed your web pages, and integrated everything for you… it’s time to get together and learn how you can deploy your new conversion system...

We don’t install these campaigns and leave you on your own to figure it out... You’re going to get a "private training session" where we personally help you apply your systems to your operations.

Although the systems we are going to install for you are powerful… Without setting it all into motion you won't be able to harness the full potential these campaigns possess. 

Create a proven and profitable sales system

This will work in your business on autopilot and generate a consistent stream of qualified leads, even more referrals, and amplify your ad profits with predictability down to the dollar.

Set up a world class service delivery system

When you perfect this... You and your team will get really good at executing the processes and systems which creates amazing client journeys which results in them becoming raving fans.

Take full control of your business with automation

When you can retain leads more efficiently, follow up with important connections, advance prospects through your sales pipeline, stay engaged with prospects all on autopilot… Your business will become more organized and free you from all the repetitive task that suck up hours on a daily basis.


Proof Our System Works

Abel Ramos

Broker / Owner of A&A Realty

Take Action Now!

So now you have a few choices... You can keep pounding the pavement and continue to rely on your "database" to convert more customers or you can take action so we can do some blueprinting for you and show you how it all works.


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Will these campaigns work for my business?

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