Attention Local Service Provider: Get The Limitless Power of Combining Direct Response Marketing and Automation

We want to help you implement a marketing and conversions system you can rely on, manage, and turn clients into raving fans. This will tighten up your business and make it even better than before.

It's True: You Really Can Shorten the Sales Cycle and Produce Predictable, Profitable Revenue... And Here's How...

From the Desk of David J. Galindo
Bakersfield, Ca.

Dear Local Service Business Owner,

As you may already know, life as an entrepreneur can be stressful at times. Especially when your needing to attract customers that can afford your services in a restricted radius.

As local service providers we all want that system that produces predictable cash flow and consistency so you’re not wondering each month where your next customer is coming from.

So we want to help you forever end this gut-wrenching feeling of not having another interested prospect to speak to after you have delivered your service to your current customer.

As you may know, there is a lot of distraction and noise out there and many local business owners suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”...

Between investing in platforms like Yelp, Homeadvisor, Angieslist, Zillow,, Houzz, billboards, magazines etc…

And getting overwhelmed by all the new age tech stuff and CRMs that hit your inbox each day it can very easy to lose focus on what’s important… Getting consistent high-quality leads and converting those leads into happy customers, clients, and/or patients.

Either way, you know there’s a better way. So if this is hitting home we want to help you...

Develop a Custom Marketing and Conversion System That Will Generate a Constant Stream of Leads, Referrals, and Sales with Predictability Down to the Dollar.

 However, there's a problem.

These types of systems are incredibly complex to build.

But once you develop and commit to this system... it will be transferable to any platform where your customers hang out at. 

When you can get laser focused and systemize your marketing, sales, and service delivery you will discover enormous amounts of leverage and have the confidence to scale because your system is not based on theory...

Your systems is based on accurate data that matters and moves the needle consistently month in and month out.

And when you perfect this... You and your team will get really good at executing the processes within your system.

In the same way as when a professional basketball team flawlessly executes game strategy the coach drew up…

The results… They win Championships… Think Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs.

All in all, when this marketing and conversion system is set up in your business you’ll get better results for your customers, more referrals, gain way more confidence and clarity, have accurate and measurable closing rates, and run better than you ever have before.

It’s time to start differentiating your local business from the rest and develop a system we guarantee your competition is not using!

So we want to help you take action and guide you every step of the way through our proven local business conversion formula. This will help you run a more systematized, profitable and less worry business.

You can learn more about pricing and other details below.

Cheers to your success!
David J. Galindo Founder/Creative Director

Here's What It Looks Like To Work With Us

We implement a proprietary step by step system that allows your local service business to predictably and consistently increase revenue through our proven local business conversion formula. 


Strategy & Blueprint

Developing the type of system that automates follow up and runs leads faster through the sales cycle is incredibly complex to build. And you can't help but wonder will this really work for your business?

So if you're asking yourself that question right now, it means your smart. There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" marketing funnel. Your local business is really different. You have your own unique audience and message, price points, and own way of selling.

And that's why we take the time to review your business and give you a custom marketing blueprint before we launch one advertisement.



It's time to get to work and where we do all the heavy lifting for you. Now that we have your strategy and plan mapped out in a blueprint we can carry out our experts make your blueprint come to life by using state of the art technology like Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels.



Last and certainly not least we launch our ads and start running traffic. This is where the fun begins and because now we're not only driving high quality traffic to your business we have an automated behavioral marketing system in place that will allow your business to convert cold traffic into predictable profits month in and month out.



At this point of our journey together, you have assembled a conversion focused marketing and sales system, driving high-quality traffic to your system, and making sales. Congratulations! Now it’s time to narrow down what’s working and optimize so you're ready to scale.

The key is not to optimize everything, but to focus your optimization efforts on what’s really moving the needle.

“You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems."
- James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

There Are A Few Options That You Can Roll With

Technology has allowed us to track every step of the sales cycle your customers go through and make strategic changes to that cycle. When we implement a custom conversion system into your business it will dramatically reduce the gap from cold prospect to a customer who is pulling out their credit card paying for your service. These customized automated conversion systems are far from simple and straightforward. But we remove the complexity of these systems and deliver the service in a way where it’s easy to understand and apply to your unique business.

Available Service Packages

“"If you have the chance to work with David and his team don't let the opportunity pass you by. I can't say enough about VisionsROI and the level of service and attention they bring to the table. They created advertising and funnel campaigns for us that we believe is truly on the cutting edge of real estate marketing. What we really like is how David takes a complicated process and packages it in a way that we can easily use and understand. He really knows how to leverage the power of Facebook ads and automation. I wouldn't trust anyone else with our advertising investment."

Abel Ramos - Broker/Owner A&A Realty

Private Conversion Upgrade

The private conversion upgrade is if you want ongoing marketing automation support, world-class advertising management, and Google local maps SEO campaign so you can dominate your region.

$1,997 / per month

Premium Conversion Upgrade

The premium conversion upgrade is if you want the customized automated systems along with world-class advertising set up and management.

$3,997 / one time

Rook Conversion Upgrade

The rook conversion upgrade is if you want the customized automated campaigns without the advertising management.

$1,997 / one time