How to Frame Your Marketing Angle to Capture Your Ideal Client/Customer

From the Desk of David J. Galindo

Have you ever wondered if your marketing message is hitting the right people at the right time? We need to remember that not everyone we are trying to reach is in the same stage of your sales cycle. This video explains the 5 levels of market awareness so you know how to attack your market with the right message at the right time.

Here's What We Discuss...

We are going to be talking about why sending the same message to people who are in different stages of the sales cycle is a bad idea. As you may know, the smallest and most difficult part of your market to reach is the people who are ready to buy NOW...

And that's because every one of your competitors is spending money to reach these "ready to go" customers.

They are not thinking about the long-term game. Everyone is rushing the sale and going after the saturated piece of the market. The people who are ready to buy now.

It's your job to understand how to attract the different sections of the market like people who may be looking to buy in 3-6 months and even the people who are looking to buy after 6 months. This especially goes for those of you local businesses that have a higher ticket sale.

Doesn't it make sense to target the long-term customer and start to build trust and add value before you start trying to sell them?

​The Important Topics We Cover

We will be going over a concept introduced by Eugene Swartz called the 5 levels of market awareness...

1. Customers that are ready to buy now. These prospects only need to know the bare minimum. They just want to know the "deal" and where they can purchase.

2. Customers that are aware of your brand but don't trust you yet. This is where we need to some type of guarantee and free prospects from doubt.

3. Customers that are aware of their problem and solution. These are the people who know they need a problem solved like "lower back pain" and obviously they know they are chiropractors in the area. There's a specific way to market to these people and in this video, we will show you how.

4. Customers that are aware of the problem but not a solution. Sticking with the chiropractic example. These people may have a high-stress probably but not aware that a chiropractor can help them alleviate stress with certain techniques. It's our job to make them aware.

5. Customers that are not aware of the problem or solution. We need to make them aware of the problem they are dealing with and show them a solution.

Thanks for watching!

  • December 22, 2018

Dave Galindo

David Galindo is a strategic marketing advisor to local business owners. In 2014 David branched out on his own business venture. After a few years of being known as the local SEO guy and just starting to get his feet wet at being self-employed, he founded VisionsROI in 2016. He has a "vision" to help get local businesses "predictable" profit with their marketing efforts by combining a direct response marketing strategy and behavioral automation. David runs a small tech team that loves what they do and focus on delivering massive results for clients.