Advertise With Confidence And Accelerate Leads Through The Sales Cycle

When you're doing business in a local market with a restricted radius it's critical you don't lose customers and stay ahead of the competition. With that in mind...

Let me ask you a question... Are you setting your brand apart from the rest of the businesses in your area? Or are you sending out the same message and the same offers to the same people trying to convert them the same way your competitors are?

There’s no worse feeling when you spend money on advertising to bring in quality leads but have can't convert them because you didn't respond fast enough or you only followed up a few times. What's even worse than that you see a lead you interacted with buy from that "other business" later down the road.

But the local businesses that are successful with their online advertising understands the importance of creating a marketing strategy and building out processes and systems that converts leads into sales. 

“The shortest path to financial freedom and prosperity is our ability to turn advertising into profit, period!”  - Frank Kern

And you can do the same with our 3 step local business conversion formula... 

​Plan & Strategize 

This is where you set yourself apart. Most local service business we speak with don't take the time to map out a process to market and advertise to their market. We help you develop a custom marketing blueprint before you spend one dollar on advertising. 


Now that we have a blueprint of your marketing strategy we get to work and build you a behavioral automated marketing system that allows you to convert leads when they're ready to buy.

Craft High-Quality Traffic

Marketing and advertising to a local market is challenging because we are limited by radius. However, we implement a proven process and system that puts your message in front of your ideal customer at the right time that get's results.

What It Looks Like To Work With Us

Develop A Tailored Marketing Blueprint

"Creating a process and system that converts leads into sales predictably, consistently, and profitably is the holy grail of marketing."

Developing the type of system that automates follow up and runs leads faster through the sales cycle is incredibly complex to build. And you can't help but wonder will this really work for your business?

So if you're asking yourself that question right now, it means your smart. There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" marketing funnel. Your local business is really different. You have your own unique audience and message, price points, and own way of selling.

And that's why we take the time to review your business, calculate your key performance indicators and give you a custom marketing blueprint before we launch one advertisement. 

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Bringing Your Marketing Blueprint To Life

Now that we have a blueprint and strategy in place it's time to execute. Yes, we still need to actually develop your blueprint and implement it into your business. Of course, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

During the implementation phase we get to work and build out your blueprint using Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels. We develop your automation campaigns with email copy, opt-in pages, webinar registration pages, video sales pages, launch pages... Everything!

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Craft High Quality Traffic & Optimize

"To be successful with online advertising you can't just set it and forget it."

This is where the fun begins and the point you begin to take over your local region. Obscurity is our worst enemy. If know one in your community knows who you are and how your business can help then how are you going to profit?

Our solution to this problem is to craft high quality traffic that puts your brand if front of the right prospect at the right time. This will bring in people who are actually interested in your product and services unlike some networking event where your waisting time shaking hands with people who probably will never buy from you.

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"One of the smartest investments I have made in my business."

"If you have the chance to work with David and his team don't let the opportunity pass you by. I can't say enough about VisionsROI and the level of service and attention they bring to the table. They created advertising and funnel campaigns for us that we believe is truly on the cutting edge of real estate marketing. What we really like is how David takes a complicated advertising & sales process and explains it in a way that we can understand. He really knows how to leverage the power of Facebook ads and automation. I wouldn't trust anyone else with our advertising investment."

- Abel Ramos Founder/Broker, A&A Realty

"We feel more confident than ever about online advertising."

"Before we started working with David and VisionsROI we had no clue on how to advertise on the internet. A lot of wasted money on different services with little to no results. When we teamed up with Visions David showed his expertise and value by explaining to us the intricacies of online advertising. We now have a complete system in place that brings in a consistent flow of quality leads and automated Infusionsoft campaigns so we're never leaving money on the table."

- Edgar Zacarias Owner & Operator Santa Maria Limousines

"Just want to give a big thanks to David and the VisionsROI team for helping us build our new sales funnel and Infusionsoft campaigns."

"David works behind the scenes and flat out gets results with our online advertising. The systems he has put in place has took my business to the next level. Automation is not our department nor do we understand how to buy media from Facebook. The systems David has put in place is hands down putting us ahead of the roofing industry. There's not too many local roofing contractors that use automation to help run the office."

- Sergio Olmos Founder/Estimator Superior Roofing

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Build A System That Integrates Your Advertising With Automation

Digital advertising is the fastest-growing advertising opportunity for local businesses, but entrapueners seem to be struggling to turn a profit predictably and consistently. We offer a collaborative service  that implements automation and advertising that reaches potential customers, captures their information, and drops them into a system that will allow you to convert at a high percentage.